The Guide to Your Perfect Shed at Sheds4U

There are so many quality shed designs at Sheds4U, all with their own specific uses, that it can get a bit overwhelming trying to pinpoint exactly what you need and which one to get – but having choices is an excellent thing! This blog is designed to take you through some of Sheds4U’s shed types so you can really hone in on what you want, where you want it, what you want it for – and pick the right customisable shed for your requirements. Read on through this checklist to better aid your decision, and learn some more about the various choices on the way!

Residential or Commercial Sheds?

Is the shed going to be used for living purposes, a home-based workshop or located on a residential property? Or is it going to be used for farming, commercial storage, workshops or other commercial requirements?

Sheds4U supplies options perfect for all the above. The liveable options include The American Barn, the Fisherman’s Cabin, the Mono Bach, the Ranch Cabin, the Retreat and a Sleepout. All of these are quality built, great options for living sheds, but are all quite different in terms of size, scope and style. For instance – the Mono Bach lets your family relax in spacious comfort, boasting lots of bedrooms, two bathrooms and sizeable living space making it that perfect family home-away-from-home. On the other spectrum, the modestly sized Sleepout, at only 30m(2) is great for on-site extra living, office space, studios and more and doesn’t need building permission! The non-liveable residential options include more sleepouts/garage combos, workshops and garden sheds as well as carports, boat sheds and even aircraft hangers for a pilot’s collection!

The commercial options supplied by Sheds4U have a focus on specialist farming sheds, including Wintering Barns, Dairy Feed Pads, Goat and Sheep Sheds, Poultry Sheds and the very popular traditional American Barn. These options are customisable, and the Sheds4U website even has a 3D Design Tool for you to use so you can really get a good idea of what your future shed will look like! If you’re after commercial sheds for boats, cars, aircraft or other storage – we also supply a range of sturdy ports and sheds for all your transport and extra storage requirements to keep them covered from the elements.

Check out the details of some of our most popular sheds below!

The American Barn 

Highly customisable, the interior of this traditional building can be designed to suit your individual requirements, and the Sheds4U team have recommended layouts on hand for you to consider if you aren’t sure exactly what you need inside. Ideal as a farming or lifestyle building, the American Barn is a crowd favourite due to its versatility and size.

The Mono Bach

A family favourite for that perfect holiday home and is also completely customisable when it comes to the interior layout. We design and supply a quality enclosed shell which suits the number of bedrooms you want and the configuration of the rooms so that you get that extra special place for making memories – all bespoke to your family’s needs!

Dairy Feed Pads

For serious farming! Our dairy feed pads come in any shape and any size! You choose the features, and we put it together for you. This highly customisable design of feed pad ensures your farm is getting exactly what you need, and nothing that you don’t from your building!

Timber-Pole Kitset Farm Sheds

Hugely popular, and now under new rules that state that our models 110m(2) and under can be built without needing building consent, saving you a lot of time and money! These versatile sheds can be popped up nearly anywhere and are built to last!

Garage/Sleepout Combos

While we provide options of garage or sleepouts, we also provide garage/sleepout/workshop combos! We love our combination design which incorporates both a garage space and a sleepout/workshop for your customisable requirements! Extra office, workshop or living space – plus a garage – made easy!

Garden Shed Range

We supply gardens sheds to suit most needs, starting with our effective space-saver, the Ponsonby Shed, which is ideal for sports gear, lawnmower and tools. Our larger style sheds include a workshop sized structure called the Kaipara Sheds. In between those sizes, there are yet more options, with larger width or depth to suit the space you have and what needs storing, from protecting tools to ride-on lawnmowers – we’ve got the pick of the crop when it comes to garden shed sizing choices!

This is just a peek under the hood of all the options available at Sheds4U! We strive to make sure that your extra living, working, storage or farming space is the most effective, attractive and functional addition to your property!

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