Why a Sheds4u kitset includes a fitted Garador.

Sheds with Roller Doors.

A Sheds4u Shed or Workshop with Roller Doors has the installation cost included whether we are selling a kitset or fully constructed building.

Fully Enclosed Sheds4u Shed

When you get a Sheds4U quote, whether it’s for kitset or constructed price, it  includes the cost of the proper install of the Garador Roll-A Door. This immediately gives you benefits:

  • You don’t have to pay a builder extra for door installation;
  • Because the door is fitted for you by a qualified Garador Roll-A Door installer, you get a full warrantee and proper installation. View it here
  • Builders HATE fitting roller doors – so you keep your builder happy, and a happy builder always means a better shed!
The Tangihau Stud Sheds4U bull ring, using timber and steel in concert with skylights and a fitted Garador for easy access and security

There are several reasons Sheds4U has chosen to go with this supplier. For a start, Garador manufactures and supplies the latest, new generation, reliable and secure doors, so whatever you want to keep, store or make in your Sheds4U shed, you get added peace of mind and a Garador Guarantee. View it here

And, like Sheds4U, Garador is a trusted Brand as well as the largest garage door and opener distributor network in New Zealand. With over 50 years’ experience under their belts, we know that a local Garador dealer is on hand to fit the door that best suits your needs.

If required, your Sheds4U consultant will arrange a custom-built roller door, to deliver superior value, better performance, and very importantly last longer, requiring less maintenance.

In all shapes and sizes, as seen on this American Barn

Remember too that a badly fitted garage door is a potential security liability and won’t perform well. The bad fit makes operation more difficult, meaning the door will inevitably require more maintenance, and cost more over time.

Perfect for storage units – secure and good looking

Garador custom built roller doors are designed for your shed, precision-made to ensure excellent security and ease of operation. We think you get a better shed with a Garador, and that’s why we use them.

Kind of a win-win really, which is how we like things to work at Sheds4U.

Give your boatshed that smart, secure look

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