The Retreat

The Retreat

We call this THE RETREAT, wouldn’t it make a good STORAGE SHED, BACH OR COTTAGE. Or even an extremely economical option for a HOME.

Available with or without windows and/or doors, you are welcome to supply your own joinery and you can select what exterior cladding if you wish.

At this stage, we can supply up to 9.0m across and the building is divided into bays, so you can do as many bays as you wish.

As a shed company, we design and supply the ‘shell only’ and you are welcome to set out the internal just how you wish or it can be left completely open as a gym, studio or storage shed.

Our structure is designed to the NZ building code as Importance Level 2, so is legal to be lived in in NZ.

Please note we are predominantly a shed design and supply/construction company, not a housing design company, in our liveable range we only provide a structural design covering B2 (Durability) of the NZ building code for IL2 buildings, all other codes to do with a dwelling or liveable building are not included in our standard design. (We can arrange this if necessary, but it is priced separately)