Zincalume 5 Bay Farm Building Kitset, With 2 Encolsed Bays

Supply only, of one shell only 5-bay pole shed,
• 18.0m (3.6m bays)
• Height of 3.6m – 3.0m
• 6.0m deep (Clearspan)
• Two bays enclosed with three bays open front
• 5-Rib roof and corrugated wall cladding is Zincalume (.4mm Steel)
• 1x Domestic Series 1/A Roller Door 3mH x 3mW Zincalume (installed)
• 1x standard zincalume personal access door (Keyed)
• Zincalume barge, front barge and corner flashings
• Birdproof rafter and purlin design
• H5 poles with H3 SG8 gauged framing timbers for a tidier finish
• Supplied with screw fixings for brackets

All bolts, washers, nuts, nails and bracing supplied with the kitset are galvanised. If anything is missing from your material list we will get it to you asap.
Package includes, plans, engineering calcs, producer statements etc with your kitset for council consent.

*Designed to high wind zone and 1 kpa snow load – needs to be in all the products

*Clear site access must be provided for delivery vehicles and some site may incur extra costs

Custom design plans from our in-house drafting and engineering team.

H3.2 SG8 gauged framing timber supplied for a tidier finish.

50-year durability

Installed roller and sectional doors with a 1 year warranty

Industrial PA doors in aluminium frame

All goods delivered to site**

Deliveries can be staggered to suit your build timeline (as per quote terms)

Kitset supplied with all screw fixing for a quicker installation

Your shed your way, pick from a range of colours, profiles and claddings and custom design

No centre poles? No problem! Clearspan available up to 16m

Bird proof rafter and purlin design

Vermin proof**

Builder network available for recommendation.

Pole Sheds up to 110 M2 no longer require a building consent*

Zincalume Kitset 5 Bay Farm Shed, 2 enclosed bays

Zincalume Kitset 5 Bay Farm Shed, 2 enclosed bays