Did you know that all of our New Zealand sheds can be designed in timber and steel?

Choose steel or a combination of both materials to suit the exact function and look of the steel shed that you want.


Steel sheds are not going out of style any time soon for they are still the lightweight yet impressively tough champion of materials. They can withstand years of exposure to all weathers and climates without shrinking or warping, making steel ideal for exposed sheds, commercial sheds, farm buildings, garages, hangars, workshops and functional working sheds that have longevity on their side. We stand by all of our timber and our steel shed solutions, and it is your choice, be it for aesthetic reasons or other factors, to have your shed designed exactly the way you want out of either material.

While you can adapt any of our quality design buildings to be built out of steel, here are some popular shed options that lend themselves beautifully to steel construction. Once you’ve identified the kind of shed you’d like to adapt to steel, contact our expert team to get your design to come to life.

So why choose a steel shed over a timber one?

Steel is low maintenance.

Compared to timber, our wide range of steel sheds take a lot less maintenance in terms of avoiding infestations and accomodating any potential warping over time.

Steel frames look great on both commercial and domestic shed designs.

Our wide range of shed designs benefit from the strength and look of a steel frame, making it a very suitable material for industrial quality sheds and farm buildings. Domestic buildings benefit from a steel frame for the durability of the material and modern take on particular design looks. If you want a combination of both steel and timber incorporated into your design, we can make it happen so that your sheds look and function exactly the way you want them to. Business, industrial, farm or lifestyle shed – you can achieve attractive finishes with our steel shed designers working magic on your project.

Steel is lightweight yet tough.

Our steel sheds are put together with less manpower due to the comparably light handling weight, whereas timber is heavier and can be harder to navigate. This benefit of designing a steel shed can often reduce construction time without compromising on the structural strength that a steel frame provides.

Steel can be constructed under any weather conditions.

Because steel doesn’t warp with wet or humid weather, you can have a design come to life in any season with accurately measured pieces of steel not subject to warping during piling materials and construction.

Steel creates less waste.

Steel is much easier to cut to exact specifications than timber to match the exact designs you have asked for from your steel shed and will not warp over time, retaining its original structure. This reduces scrap waste and trimmings that could have been used in a whole new structure.

Quality steel is readily accessible in New Zealand.

Due to timber shipping delays in the current climate, steel is a fantastic way to avoid costly delays when the timber market takes a turn for the worse. We have an abundance of both timber and steel at Sheds4U, so you can choose exactly what you want in your design without delays from material deliveries.

Steel sheds will not rot.

While they can rust, steel sheds can not rot like timber can. Our quality, waterproof range of steel sheds won’t succumb to rotting or infestation from insects or little furry families, which can compromise their structural integrity and take regular maintenance to avoid.