Are pole barns cheaper than garages?

In short, yes, pole barns are cheaper to build than garages, mainly due to their simplified, although highly-engineered, wood-frame building system called post-frame construction. This means the building’s structure is made out of large wooden posts – or columns -, connected and interlocked to the frame, spaced at 8 feet each. 

These poles are buried at least 4 feet deep in the ground for support, without necessarily requiring a basement or concrete slab built – although there can be, making them more affordable as you would typically save fifteen per cent of the building costs, just for the concrete foundation only. What’s more, the majority of their components are pre-fabricated, resulting in shorter construction times, and reduced overall costs.  

Not only pole barns are cheaper, but they also have numerous other advantages:

Pole barns can virtually support any exterior finishing

The large poles help transfer all the weight loads to the ground, including wind, rain, and snow. As such, fewer materials are needed for the construction, saving construction time and costs while still providing greater resistance in comparison to other systems. 

Any add-ons to the exterior are more manageable as well for this exact reason, and they can be constructed to look like a traditional building or any style of your preference!

They are more quickly built than other methods.

Pole barns implicate pre-fabricated materials, which are then brought to your site and installed. With fewer components and less site labour needed, the project becomes safer. Because of their simplified method, and the fewer materials involved, you can have your pole barn finished earlier than if you had a regular garage built.

It can be more energy-efficient

If your idea is to have a walled shed, as the poles are larger and, therefore, spaced further away from each other, there is more room for insulation to be placed, which will help lower your heating, cooling, or dehumidifying costs in the years to come.
This type of pole placement also allows you to include more oversized doors or windows, should you wish, which comes in handy if you are looking for a garage for a bigger vehicle or boat.

Easily adaptable to any project’s needs

This construction type can be adapted to many applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, storage, etc. They can be built as wide and high as desired, giving you more than enough space in your garage.

No walls required

Since the wooden poles are the primary support of the structure, they do not require walls and could be built as open shelters, as in the case of some garages. If you were thinking of an open space to park your vehicle, pole barns are even more recommended for your project.

Site flexibility 

As no continuous foundation is mandatory, there is more flexibility regarding the site location, making it even easier to build if the floor is not entirely flat or levelled. Pole barns can also be designed to adapt to different types of soils and pressures, and will not require extensive site preparation, which increases building costs for other kinds of constructions.

Superior durability

As the post-frame method uses larger components for its construction, the larger the parts are, the more durable they are over time.

No Building Consent needed

Pole sheds up to 110 square meters in a rural zone no longer require Building Consent if the design has been carried out or reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer; or if a Licensed Building Practitioner has carried out or supervised the construction. Something which Sheds4U can undoubtedly do.

In summary, pole barns are not only cheaper but also more beneficial and convenient to build in the short and long term, compared to any other type of building method. Overall, they demand less fuss, fewer materials, shorter time, and can be built and adapted to a wide range of exterior conditions, like different soils or weather.

If you are looking for an affordable, quick and lasting solution for your garage, you have come to the right place. At Sheds4U, we have extensive experience, having built numerous garages throughout New Zealand, and we can absolutely help you design one to suit your needs, in any shape or style! 

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