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Get more space to live and play!

Design your own special space with a fully customised Sheds4U kitset. We work with you to create a custom design, and then provide everything you need so you can get the satisfaction of building it yourself. 

Our strong and good-looking timber pole garages, sleepouts, carports and storage sheds have been creating extra space for New Zealand families for years. 

Whether you need a secure home for your boat, or just want your mother-in-law out of earshot when she comes to stay, we’ll deliver a kitset that’s easy to build and guaranteed to last. 

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No two sheds are alike and we won’t add bells and whistles that you don’t need. You get exactly what you want: your shed, your way! 


No cutting corners here – just proper local Kiwi materials, fabricated and delivered with care, and backed by great customer support. 


New building rules mean small, simple sheds are easy to get approved. We’ve got your back with professionally engineered designs and help with council paperwork.


Sheds4U is owned by a bloke who spent 10 years on the tools. That practical knowledge is baked into our designs… we know sheds!

Can I live in it?

Looking at building a bach or holiday home?

We can help you design a live-in shed – but to comply with the Building Code there are some important design elements we have to tick off like insulation and plumbing.

Get in touch – we’re happy to talk you through it. 

What’s Inside a Sheds4U Lifestyle Shed?

Every one of our sheds is custom-designed by our engineering team, using local materials chosen for quality and longevity.

Timber Pole

Timber Pole Implement Shed

After decades of designing and building sheds we know that timber pole sheds made from Radiata Pine are the best option for NZ’s unique environment. 

Timber pole sheds are more rigid, more structurally sound and cheaper than steel.  

Timber also offers better noise reduction, is more environmentally friendly, and is safer to work with when it comes to wiring and internal fitout.

Plus it gives you that classic home-grown Kiwi shed look!

Colorsteel® Cladding + Cladding

Colorsteel Cladding

Corrugated steel cladding gives your garage, sleepout, carport or boat shed  a timeless appeal. We’ve teamed up with COLORSTEEL®, NZ’s favourite steel made from rich New Zealand ironsand. 

Offering design flexibility, strength and durability, COLORSTEEL® comes in a stunning spectrum of 15+ colours so you can completely customise your roof and external cladding.

Modern, Simple
or Classic

Modern Lifestyle Shed Render

Your shed needs to complement its environment, which is why our designs span a range of architectural styles. 

From modern and boxy sheds clad in dark COLORSTEEL®, to warm traditional timber cladding, we’ll help you bring your vision to life. Choose from flat roofs, gable roofs, barn doors and more – your shed, your way!

No matter what design tickles your fancy, your shed is guaranteed to be strong, secure and roomy.

for DIY

DIY Lifetstyle Shed

The last thing you need is a load of shed parts arriving at your place with no direction about what to do next! That’s why we start every design with DIY in mind. 

Your kit arrives neat and well organised, with detailed instructions on how to put your new shed together. Each piece is labelled to save time on site helping everything fit together as it should.

Plus, we’re only a phone call away if you need a hand with construction.

Sheds for Every Purpose

Live-in Sheds

It’s considerably cheaper to build a ‘liveable shed’ than to build a traditional home, and with a few important tweaks, our kitsets can be made into liveable sheds. From classic American Barn structures, to ranch-style cottages, to gable-roofed buildings with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, these ain’t no boring garden sheds! Some extras are required to create a comfortable and compliant shed – give us a call and we’ll talk you through the building code regulations you need to know about. 


A spacious, secure sleepout is an asset for any property, whether you’re adding to your block in town or building a getaway up a secluded valley. Our timber pole sleepouts feature aluminium joinery, an engineer-designed set of plans and a huge range of cladding options. Basic sleepouts are a shell-only design, but we can also help with ceiling battens and internal frames if you’d like a more polished look. 

Carports & Awnings

An open-sided shelter is a hugely versatile thing to have on your property! From simple single carports to park your trailer, to double or triple carports to keep your 4WD, boat and camper trailer protected, Sheds4U can provide a strong, simple and cost-effective design. Plus, carports up to 40m² don’t need building consent, making the whole process easy and hassle-free.

Garages & Workshops

When a carport doesn’t quite cut it, a weatherproof, lockable garage is the way to go. Store your equipment, your car, your caravan, or simply get the space you need to enjoy your hobbies and tinker with your toys. Our garage and workshop designs include practical features like wide roller doors, skylights, windows and lockable entrance doors. 

Sleepout + Garage Combo

Combining your garage with a bigger open plan area means you can easily transform your day-to-day car space into a practical sleepout when mates come to stay. Better yet, keep that space all for yourself and turn your sleepout into a hobby room, home office, man-cave, she-shed or a place to send the kids when you’re sick of hearing ‘I’m bored!’.

Boat Sheds

Is your expensive boat sitting out in the weather? Do you see it sitting out there and think to yourself ‘Geez… I should get that thing under cover’? Give our team a call to protect your boat (and all your other toys!). From jet skis to trucks and more, it’s worth protecting that sizable investment and garaging it in a custom made space. All we need to know is the size of your boat, length of your trailer draw bar and how far your motor sticks out and we can custom design a shed specifically to suit your needs. 


Whether you need to garage a microlight or keep your crop dusting plane covered, we can help with the right aircraft, plane or helicopter hangar design. With extra wide bay openings of up to 12 metres, aircraft hangars are available in easy to build timber pole kitsets from Sheds4U. 

Natural Finishes

Natural wood cladding options available.

Natural Finishes

Natural wood cladding options available.

Why Trust Sheds4U?

No Cookie-Cutter

All our sheds are designed individually by our in-house team. This means you get the exact design you need with no unnecessary extras.


Our sheds are user-friendly and easy to put together. Don’t want to DIY? We can recommend a network of builders throughout NZ who know the ins and outs of our sheds.


We reckon Kiwis deserve the best quality sheds around, so we’ve teamed up with trusted brands like Colorsteel and Dominator.

Help with
Council Consent

We’ve been in the shed business for decades and we know our way around the approval process. We’re here to help every step of the way.


All our kitset sheds are engineered to cater for high wind zones, and can last up to 50 years in New Zealand’s harsh environment.

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Put it

Our shed designs can be built anywhere, from the Cape to the Bluff. As long as you own the land and it's deemed safe for a structure of this kind you can build your Sheds4U kitset anywhere you like.

Unique… but not expensive!

Think custom means expensive? No way! We keep our operation lean and pass the savings on to you. Our sheds are high quality yet still affordable.

Fast Delivery
throughout NZ

We design and collate everything you need for your building project and deliver fast, no matter where your farm is. Your kitset arrives tidy, organised and ready to build!

Start Your Shed Design Journey with Sheds4U

We’re ready to help you turn your shed dreams into reality! Get in touch for friendly, honest advice or an obligation-free quote. 

Design your shed

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