Farm Sheds

Big, practical sheds. Unlimited customisations.

Get the ultimate timber pole farm shed with our practical, customised kitsets. Whether you need more space to keep your flock warm and dry, extra room to expand your milking operation, or just more implement storage, we’ve got NZ covered.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to features, and no two sheds are alike. Odd shape? A dozen roller doors? Extra height? Whatever your dream shed looks like, we can design a kitset that’s easy to build and guaranteed to last for decades. 

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We design robust, rugged farm sheds that work as hard as you do. Every kitset comes with a 50 year durability warranty.


Can you fit more in? Hell yes – with our sheds you’ll get the maximum possible internal clear spans, giving you the extra space you need.


No cutting corners here – just proper local Kiwi materials, fabricated and delivered with care, and backed by awesome customer support. 


Sheds4U is owned by a bloke who spent 10 years on the tools. That practical knowledge is baked into our designs… we know sheds!

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Big Boy


Get extra room to move! Our Big Boy kitsets come with


Using steel purlins and galvanised rafters we can deliver clearspans of 16m and extra wide bays of up to 10m.

Imagine what you could fit in your Big Boy Shed!

The Sheds4U Starter System

Your new farm shed is custom-designed from scratch by our in-house design team, but we’ll always start with these battle-tested basics. 

Timber Pole Frame

Timber Pole Implement Shed

After decades in the shed game we know that timber pole sheds are the best option for New Zealand’s unique environment. 

Timber pole sheds are more rigid and structurally sound, extending several metres into the ground. Cheaper and stronger than steel, the timber pole frame creates a cantilever effect giving you extra strength in wild weather.

Timber also offers better noise reduction, is more environmentally friendly, and is safer to work with when it comes to wiring and internal fitout.

Colorsteel® Cladding

Colorsteel Cladding

Whether your shed is partly or fully enclosed, corrugated steel cladding gives you a classic rural look that’s tough as. 

We’ve teamed up with COLORSTEEL®, NZ’s favourite long-run steel made from rich New Zealand ironsand. Offering design flexibility, strength and durability, COLORSTEEL® comes in a full spectrum of colours so you can completely customise your shed roof and external cladding.

Birdproof Purlins

We help you keep the damn birds out by making your rafters as inhospitable as possible. 

Forget bird spikes or wire and go straight for the gold standard: bird-proof purlins. 

These specially designed rafters eliminate voids between the rafter and the ceiling of your shed, so you can say bye-bye birdy and keep lice, mess, bird poo and nesting materials away from your livestock and out of your expensive equipment. 

User-Friendly Design

There’s no point getting a beaut new kitset delivered if it’s near impossible to install. That’s why we start every design with you and your farm in mind. 

Our kitsets are prepared to exact measurements and arrive neat and well organised, plus you’ll receive a comprehensive plan set showing you how to put your awesome new shed together.

And with our decades of on-site experience, we’re here to support you throughout your project, including  help with the council consent process.

Big Sheds for Every Farm

Implement Sheds

You’ve invested a lot of dough into your implements and machinery, so keep your gear properly protected from the weather with a spacious, secure shed. Your timber pole implement shed can have closed or open bays with different-sized openings to suit your equipment.

Hay Sheds and Grain Storage

Keep expensive hay and fodder out of the weather with a simple and rugged design from Sheds4U. Big clearspans, large bay sizes and minimal internal poles mean you get plenty of storage volume and can manoeuvre tractors and machinery in and out easily.

Calf/Dairy Sheds

We’ll help you design a spacious and practical milking shed so you can run your dairy operation efficiently and adhere to good animal welfare practices. With big clearspans, easy-to-clean steel cladding and birdproof rafters, we can deliver a milking shed kitset that suits your operation and keeps your cows, sheep or goats comfortable. 

Roof Only Canopy

Open-sided farm sheds (or ‘roof only’ designs) provide shade and weather protection for machinery, livestock and feed. Roof-only sheds can function as a cattle or sheep shelter, a dairy feedpad, or simply offer a weatherproof multipurpose area for a range of different farm operations.

Livestock Sheds

Best-practice animal husbandry calls for a clean, warm and dry shelter for your livestock. Sheds4U can help you design the right shed for your property that provides a comfortable space for your animals, easy access for your machinery, and the strength and solidity of a timber pole frame.

Poultry Sheds

Keep your flock safe and secure with one of our poultry sheds. Whether you’re running a commercial operation or tending to a small flock on your property, we can design a practical chicken shed using sturdy materials and deliver your kitset fast. Let’s talk turkey!

Wintering Barns

Protect your livestock and your crops with a wintering barn that keeps harsh weather out and allows for plenty of airflow and easy access. Our high quality, durable, weatherproof animal shelters are based on our tried and tested timber pole frame design with completely customisable internals.


Everybody needs a good shed! Your workshop is a safe haven where you can fix what needs fixing, store all your bits and bobs, and tinker with anything that’s not nailed down. Wide bays and big clear spans make for easy access, and a customised internal fitout means you can design the ultimate workshop for work and play.

Packhouses and Fruit Sheds

Keep your precious produce protected after picking and packing. We can customise a packhouse design to your requirements, delivering the right design for fresh fruit processing, cold storage and more. Birdproof rafters come standard to keep your crop away from contaminants like bird poo and lice.

Shearing Sheds

Getting more space to shear and class means you can boost your productivity and wool harvesting operation. Every Sheds4U wool shed is custom-designed, so no matter how many head you run or what kind of site you have, you’ll get a practical, safe and efficient workspace. 


Whether you need to garage a recreational aircraft, keep your crop dusting plane covered or keep a fleet of commercial helicopters secure, we can help with the right hanger design. With extra wide bay openings of up to 12 metres, smaller aircraft hangars are available in kitset form from Sheds4U. 

Contractor and Forestry Sheds

Commercial equipment can be big, noisy and awkward to store. Our contractor sheds are built to handle all types of machinery, making them ideal for forestry, building, transport and civil contractors. Wide clearspans make for easy access, and the noise-dampening effect of our timber pole frame designs helps to dull the noise of repair work.

Why Choose Sheds4U?


All our kitset sheds are engineered to cater for high wind zones, and can last up to 50 years in New Zealand’s harsh environment.


Our sheds are user-friendly and easy to put together. Don’t want to DIY? We can recommend a network of builders throughout NZ who know the ins and outs of our sheds.


We reckon Kiwis deserve the best quality sheds around, so we’ve teamed up with trusted brands like Colorsteel and Dominator.

Quick and Reliable Supply Chain

We have a network of merchants nationwide who keep supplies on hand for our domestic and commercial shed kits.

Help with
Council Consent

We’ve been in the shed business for decades and we know our way around the approval process. We’re here to help every step of the way.

No Cookie-Cutter

All our sheds are designed individually by our in-house team. This means you get the exact design you need with no unnecessary extras.


Think custom means expensive? No way! We keep our operation lean and pass the savings on to you. Our sheds are high quality yet still affordable.

Fast Delivery
throughout NZ

We design and collate everything you need for your building project and deliver fast, no matter where your farm is. Your kitset arrives tidy, organised and ready to build!

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