The Many Uses of A Shed at home.

The Many Uses of A Shed at home

If you’re considering investing in a quality garage shed to your property, be it for domestic or commercial uses, you’re going to want to get the most bang for your buck. Sheds4U specialises in bespoke garage sheds amongst our other sheds, so the sky really is the limit all at affordable prices without skimping on quality materials and workmanship. We love garage sheds because of their versatility and design potential. 

Let’s dive into all the uses you can get out of your garage shed, and what to consider when choosing your design!


1. Vehicle Protection

Keeping your car collection protected from the elements slows down the depreciation of the value and condition of your vehicles, so having a quality home for them is a must. Houses that come with garages already are more expensive, which shows how much value a garage does add to a property! If your home didn’t come with one, then a solid garage shed is a fine option – as long as you’ve got the space! Our designs can be as big as you want to house as many cars, boats, farm vehicles or bikes as you need! With large roller doors and entrance sliding doors as options, we can cater to any kind of vehicle. this is link

2. Workshops

Garages are great places for roomy workshops, and if designed right, can fit both your vehicle and a workshop so you don’t have to sacrifice one or the other! Our large door options mean that you can use the workshops for pretty much anything, including handling solutions that need a lot of ventilation. From carpentry to animal care, we have the space you need to get your domestic or commercial workshops off the ground.

3. Home Offices

These are becoming more and more practical and a necessary requirement in light of recent years, and what better way to work from home than in your own designated, especially built space. If you don’t want to squeeze yourself and your new working space into a nook in your home, consider a garage/office shed combo so you can escape to peace and a private working office. Our garage/sleepout custom kitsets allow you to design a nicely arranged liveable space with carpet and all the trimmings, so it won’t feel like you’re in a shed out back – but your own modern, personal office. 

4. Home Gyms

Increasingly popular as we stay more at home! Whether you’re a gym expert and want the whole garage shed for your state-of-the-art equipment, or just want some clear space to exercise without dedicating a whole room to it – we can design a combo garage so that you can get both your vehicle protected, but also leave room for whatever activities you (or your family) need the open floor for. Do your kids have dance, sport or karate to train for? No problem, no need to clear the living room floor every time it’s practice time when there’s a designated space in your brand new garage shed for it! 

5. Home Studios

For the band practises, the home music or dance teachers, or the artist in the family! Our sheds are fully weather protected so your valuable equipment and art pieces will stay safe. We can design small or go big to fit whatever equipment you need to comfortably fit inside including drafting tables, workbenches, pianos, amps and anything else you can think of! If music rehearsing or recording is what you want a garage shed for, consider what kind of soundproofing you may want to install after the shed is built, and to calculate the cost of the shed space in order to soundproof it when choosing the size of the shed as proofing materials can add up quickly! 

6. The Escape Cave

Whether you want a quintessential ‘man cave’ complete with home entertainment system, pool table and bar, or a relaxing getaway that is child-free – our garage/sleepout combos can get you the liveable and comfortable space you crave. Park your car and launch into a couch, or just use the whole garage shed for your entertainment systems!

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