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Why your builder will love building a Sheds4U Kitset

One thing we wanted to do from the very outset was create kitset sheds that are easier to build.

We did this for a few reasons, but mainly because we’re builders ourselves and we know what’s it’s like to fiddle about with uneven bits of wood and rough edges that don’t meet up properly and because a happy builder means you get a better shed, every time.

Instead of just taking our word for it, we asked builder Andre Nicolai to tell us in his own words why he likes Sheds4U kit set and pole sheds:

“I’ve been putting up Sheds4U kits for about 7 years now, and there are many reasons I enjoy working with them and their kits”

They’re an excellent competent, helpful and knowledgeable team. And they have a great sense of humour too, which really helps because every job has it’s little hold-ups.

Nothing is ever a problem when you work with Sheds4U:  If we have a specific request for a job that needs to designed, design or a preference in how we want a flashing to be made, it gets done.

That’s a big one for me, because I am a fussy builder and I like things finished a certain way. I have had clients buy Kitsets from other suppliers and basically you get the standard supply and that’s it.

It’s always difficult getting kits to the site, but Sheds4U will go more than the extra mile to accommodate us in doing this. Their plans are easy to read and result in a quality shed, and the materials they use are good quality.

They also use gauged timber as standard, which really makes difference. It gives a much nicer, neater  finish, it’s much easier for me to work with and if client wants an internal lining the job goes faster and more smoothly.

The doors and windows are a quality product too, and Garadoors – a job I hate – are fitted by a Garador specialist which really makes me happy!

I have full confidence in Sheds4U as a supplier to look after my clients and I also recommend them for jobs that  are not in my area or we are unable to do.

Shed4U is the longest relationship I have had with a supplier in my building career. Got to be honest – I can quite frankly be a bit demanding at times and, if they can put up with me this long, they must be pretty damn good!

Andre Nicholai

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