American Barns

Say “barn” and this classical farm building is what springs to mind for most people.

When it comes to storage it really is king – boat, motorcycle or car collections, the dream workshop, as a farm building for stabling horses and ponies, fodder, farm equipment or just a really good lock-up to keep all your stuff safe from prying eyes, Sheds4U will help you get the American barn you’re after.

These big comfy, airy barns are great for accommodation too – just make sure to let us know what you want to use the barn for when we discuss the design, so you don’t run into unexpected council charges and requirements later on in the process!

Sheds4U have supplied American barns of all different sizes and scale for a wide range of uses around the country over the years. And during that time, we’ve perfected the design and kits of these pole or steel shed barns.

With our design and quoting software we can change the dimensions and features of your barn in real time to ensure it truly meets your needs. Our American barns are also bird and vermin resistant, thanks to special purlins that make it impossible for birds to perch and roost in your new barn, keeping things clean and lowering the risk of fore from discarded nesting material. This lets you spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your new shed.

Goes without saying that your American barn is an investment and, as such, will add value to your farm or lifestyle property. Our kits are engineered to the highest possible standards and designed by experts who really understand the harsh weather conditions of our climate. All of our shed barns are constructed from hard-wearing Colorsteel as well as other quality materials, offering you a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, as well as years of durability. And if you need them, we offer a wide range of extras such as partition walls, awnings, garage-ports and more.

In fact after Cyclone Gabrielle, we didn’t receive a single request for replacement parts for any of our barns! So when we say our kits are built to take the worst the weather can throw at them, we really mean it.

If you’d like learn more about an American barn customised to your specific needs and measurements and discuss the next steps for your project, get in touch today and let’s get cracking!


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