Builder’s Loyalty Scheme

Great news for Builders, Project Managers, Architects and Draughtsmen!

Earn a bonus and get more business with Sheds4U!

Tradie already love our kit sheds because they’re so easy to put up, and now there’s
a reason to love them even more: every kit you buy from us this year will go towards
making you money too! And it’s not just sheds we do – farm bridges, retaining walls,
habitable kits, covered animal yards, barns, workshops – every dollar you spend with
us goes towards your payout.

Sheds4U is a nationwide supplier of kit set sheds of any size and has over 20 years’
experience in the business. We’ll get the kits, complete with plans, to your site or yard
– just let us know which is best. We also have a free design tool you and your
customers are welcome to use to customise any shed to any extent you or they like.

To pop a cherry on top of this already sweet deal, when you sign up to the loyalty
scheme we’ll refer you as a builder in the region you work (we always have
customers looking for builders).

Join up today and start earning!

Terms & Conditions:
Only registered Builders, Project Managers, Architects and Draftsmen can join the loyalty scheme.
The scheme runs for the 12 month period from Jan to Dec each year, with no carry-over.
Incentive must be applied for and your Company added to the Sheds4u list of Loyal Builders.
Rebate will be paid out in the first 2 weeks of December.

Scheme works as follows:
1 st  tier is 90k, Nil Rebate
2 nd  Tier is 90k – 150k Rebate 2% (up to $1200)
3 rd  Tier is 150k + Rebate 4% (estimate $6000 or more) for 300k + sales
Excludes GST

What areas will you build sheds in?