Retaining Wall Kit

A Sheds4U timber retaining wall is just what you need to change your outdoors into a haven of level lawns, terraces, safe play spaces for the little ones and raised garden beds to grow veggies or flowers like a pro. It will help maximise the height of your section, give you various areas of shade and privacy and let you used those sad unloved parts we all have outside to their full potential. 

Bear in mind that a retaining wall works really hard to keep the earth behind it in place. Which means that any steep banks, ground prone to getting waterlogged, or heavier load bearing walls will need firm footings and effective drainage, and may also need specialist advice and council planning consent.

 The Sheds4U team has everything you need to get your retaining wall done right the first time – with expert advice and experience, we’ll help you create something lasting and attractive. 

While the usual purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back soil and prevent erosion, you can also use them to create level surfaces or terraces, provide structural stability and improve the overall look of your section or property. It’s important to note that, in New Zealand, any retaining walls over 1.5 metres in height require building consent from your local council. Indeed, some walls lower than this but built to contain an extra heavy load, like alongside a driveway, building, or steep slope, may also require building consent. If you’re in any doubt at all, we highly recommend consulting your local council for advice

Timber’s natural good looks make it a popular material for retaining walls. You can use our timber retaining to create a focal point in your garden, highlight a special feature, or level off areas to create a flat lawn. Our pre-treated timber walls are functional and decorative. We use sustainable NZ-grown radiata pine, which is treated for ground contact. From raised flower or veggie beds to enclosed outdoor dining areas, sunken gardens and terraced lawns, a Sheds4U retaining wall is perfect for a huge range of projects that the whole family will appreciate, as well as adding value to your property.