Rhino Structures Bridges

Introducing the Rhino Structures range of farm bridges; the economical option that will add to the value of your farm or small holding. A Rhino bridge is tough, easy to install and creates access to your whole property.

The starter kit Rhino 4.5T Bridge is for ideal for use with utes, pick-ups, light trucks, and other farm machinery up to 4.5 tonnes, such as smaller tractors or quad bikes, and is perfect for safely moving stock and making other day-to-day farm tasks much easier, safer and faster. Ideal for placing over smaller rivers and creeks, this base model spans up to 8m long, so can span a 6m wide water way to give you access to your whole farm. 

These bridges are reasonably quick to install and can be purchased as a kitset or we can assemble them in our yard and transport the finished bridge to you, ready to be lifted into place. 

Our Rhino 24T Bridge is the 4.5T’s big brother in every way. With a load capacity of up to 24 tonnes and an 8m span, this is the bridge for farmers moving stock by truck, using heavy machinery to clear the hill country, or building roads to get to previously inaccessible parts of the farm that cross bigger water courses. The 24T is also perfectly suited to parts of New Zealand where worsening weather conditions are becoming the norm. 

As well as these 2 standard models, any size bridge in-between 4.5t and 24t is available, with spans of 12m or more if needed. Every bridge is fully engineered and certified, and arrives in one simple kitset, ready to be constructed and installed to open access around your farm. Installation is easy too – no specialised heavy equipment is needed, and every bridge is designed for strength and durability, offering you years of trouble-free use. 

We also offer bridges in purpose-designed sizes and strength; just get in touch with your measurements and requirements, and a photograph of the area you’d like to span, and we’ll get back to you with options and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install my Rhino Bridge myself?

You sure can! Assuming good ground conditions and good access to both sides of the crossing, access to a digger and the banks being roughly level with each other, installation should take two or three days for our starter kit 6m span 4.5t. Of course, if you need anchor piles at each end you should make allowance for this and concreting in your timeline and budget too.

How do I know if the ground is good enough?

It’s never a bad idea to get a local engineer in to take soil samples and verify that the ground is good to build on (“Good Ground” as defined by NZBC). If the ground isn’t verified as good, we can still get our engineers to design a bridge for you.

What should I check before I get in touch?

A quick check of the following will help you be sure that you have chosen the right crossing for your bridge:

  • Banks of “good ground”, free from flood damage and scouring, and well vegetated.
  • Bottom of the proposed bridge to be able to be sited at least 500mm above high water/ flood levels, or high enough to ensure that in a flooding event, debris will not damage the bridge.
  • Access to both side of the waterway.

What’s included in my Rhino Bridge Kit?

  • Bearers and supports for the bearers.
  • Decking and running boards.
  • Kerbing or side fences.
  • All fixings.
  • 2 x durable bridge signs as required by law.
  • Plans and drawings and an engineering/ producer statement.

Do I need council consent for my Rhino bridge?

Rhino engineered bridges are specifically designed for use on private property for private use, not public roads, or public use. However, from time-to-time consents are required, dependent on various circumstances. We can assist with this – just talk to us about it.