Bespoke Dairy Feed Lots

How to find your best feedlot option while complying with new regulations

Whether you are using your feedlot for wintering, or as a year-round way to keep your livestock fed in a controlled environment, Sheds 4 U offers the best bespoke solutions for your farm size, capacity and budget. New legislation came into play in September 2020, so make sure you thoroughly check any new guideline changes before planning your next feedlot or holding shed. 

When deciding how big you want the dimensions of your new feedlot to be, consider your parameters as stated in the regulations from your local council for placing feedlots. Be aware of any surface water on your property, where your boundary lines are and proximity to public roads. Consider the travelling distance between your planned dairy feedlot and where you plan to discharge and dispose of any effluent from your animals, to keep your operations streamlined. 

Fact Sheet regulations information, given by Essential Freshwater on the NZ government website regarding dairy feedlots, is as follows –

Holding small and young cattle in a feedlot is a permitted activity if 90 per cent or more of the cattle held are no more than four months old, or weigh no more than 120 kilograms. In any other case, the farmer must apply for resource consent. 

Holding cattle in a feedlot must comply with the following conditions to be considered a discretionary activity: 

  •  The base area of the feedlot must be sealed to a minimum permeability standard of 10-9 m/s
  •  Effluent expelled in the feedlot must be collected, stored and disposed of in accordance with a rule in a regional or district plan, or a resource consent.
  •  The feedlot must be at least 50 metres away from any waterbody, and water abstraction bore, and drain, and the coastal marine area.

Find the full Fact Sheet here

Our feed pads are 100% customisable for your needs.

Made from sturdy timber poles and steel, our dairy feed pads are built to last and withstand regional weather conditions all year round. With a no-fluff design, these modern, clean-lined feed pads can be used for many operations or livestock requirements that you may have. Instead of parking an eyesore on your land, these feedlots are attractive with 16 colours to choose from, making sure that while they are fully functional – they are easy on the eyes too! If you want straight lines for your roof or barn-like features to fit with the current aesthetic of your farm, you can choose from our pre-made designs and then customise them from there – or start from scratch – so you get your feed pad exactly the way you want it. Our team of experts at Sheds4U can provide bespoke designs through a 3D design tool, so you can get a good picture of what your feed pad will look like and how it will function before you sign on the dotted line. 

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Any size and any shape!

One of the customisations available to you are the dimensions, these feed pads can be made as large or as small as you want, but bear in mind the animal to space ratio the council requires you to regulate to. To get a full idea of the shapes available to you, get in touch with one of our expert designers to discuss your needs and desired dimensions. 

Goats, Sheep and Poultry

While our feed pads are ideal for cattle, we also provide solutions for other livestock. Both our goat/sheep shed and poultry barns are customisable, available in many colours and dimensions so that you can create a matching pair if you want to farm both cattle and a smaller animal on the same land. 



Wintering Barns

Protecting both livestock and your crops over winter is made easy with our sturdy, weather-resistant barns. Wintering barns are most suitable for your larger livestock, whereas our poultry sheds do the trick for chickens and turkeys in the colder months. Another of our design sets that are completely customisable in size, shape and colouring. 

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For your best options for your next dairy feedlot or feed pad, wintering barns or housing for smaller livestock – Sheds4U specialises in farm facilities and can help you get the exact functionality and look from your next building

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