Shed/Workshop Builders

We design and build the custom workshops you want – your way!

Here at Sheds4U, we don’t just design and supply quality workshop sheds – we build them too! Our designated builders are experts when it comes to our shed models and will create a quality finish that will last! We operate NZ-wide, we have builder/agents in most areas of New Zealand that can build your workshop for you – so contact us here, let us know your requirements, and we’ll get started! 

What Kinds of Workshops Can Our Builder/Agents Create?

Many of our shed designs are compatible with workshop reconfiguration, for many different pastimes and industries in NZ. You can personalise your design to fit everything and anything that you need! It doesn’t have to look like a plain Jane either, as there are plenty of aesthetic options to get the workshop on your property looking great while being functional. Our builders will work with you to deliver an organised build that is completed efficiently so you can get onto your workshopping in no time! 

Woodworking Workshop

Carpentry or other woodwork is an excellent use of many of our workshop shed designs. As roller doors are a feature on many of our models, you can load and unload large items or materials as required. The sheds can be built to almost any size, and have separate access doors for entry / client-facing areas and then the roller doors for your working area.

Models to check out for a carpentry workshop build
Timber Pole Kitset
Traditional American Barn Shed

Garage Combination Workshop

If you want a workshop that also doubles as a garage, then we have awesome combination options to make sure you get the most out of your versatile space. Again, these sheds can be bespoke to your requirements in regards to size, navigation of access points and scope. Need a place to work on your cars or bikes? The garage combo is a perfect option for the hobbying or professional vehicle enthusiast.

Check out our garage combos here!
Garage Workshops 

Art Studio Workshop

If you need a fair bit of space for modelling, crafting, production lines or painting materials – then one of our workshop sheds is versatile enough to handle all requirements. If you are handling materials that need a lot of ventilation for safety, then one of our models with large doors is a great benefit, and our builders create a quality finish that you can then decorate as you like! In some of our models, you can even add a mezzanine if you want a separate area for a different vocation or separation of operations. For a show-stopping art gallery and workshop, or fully operational studio – you have to check out the Sheds4U design range! (all bespoke – of course! If you can dream it up, we can build it!)

Check out some of our range that would be perfect for a studio workshop build!
Traditional Barn (Mezzanine Available)
Liveable Sleepout / Workshop
Timber Pole Kit Set

Farm Workshop

We specialise in building farming facilities and the workshops required for a successful and productive farm. Our builds can kit out your farm with weatherproof animal workshops, building and maintenance workshops, farm vehicle repair workshops, barns, stables – you name it! Our models are critter-proof and have a long life span, so you know they will last for the long term! Get the most bang for your buck with our farm build experts!

Browse some of our popular farm models here
Traditional Barn
Timber Pole Farm Workshop
Wintering Barn

Electrical or Metal Workshop

With the height of some of our models, you won’t feel cramped in with your equipment, and our large door options give you the room to come and go with materials as required with ease. We can help you organise your workshop layout to find the best ergonomic flow for your workshop, reduce wasted time and create a functional space for you to work in. 

Building sheds and workshops is in our bones! Here at Sheds4U, we use only the best, most cost-effective materials and experienced builders to take care of your workshop project. If you need a shed or workshop built on your property, get in touch with the experts who can design your perfect configuration from the ground up. Whatever your workshop is going to be used for, we have a model that can be customised for everything. 

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