Sheds4U Sheds: Designed for NZ’s harsh conditions

A Sheds4U shed is designed to last, which means it has to designed for whatever the weather will throw at it. In delivering a kit that will be watertight, we’ve paid so much attention to windows and seals, flashings, facias and more. We also take the following into account with every shed we design:

The sea spray zone

Defined as any area within 500 m of the coastline, this is also known as Zone D, which means there’s a high risk of exposure to wind-driven sea salt. Corrosion of metal is high risk in this zone or, to be honest, most zones near the coast. And let’s face it, New Zealand has a LOT of coastline. We have specifically created pole shed kits to deal with these problems, because wood copes so much better in these zones.

Kits built to last in the sea salt spray zones are a signature of Sheds4U

Extreme Winds

Another factor – and increasingly so, thanks to climate change – is high winds. A high wind zone is defined by winds of 44m per second. That’s a lot of wind and, in New Zealand, it occurs in a lot of places.

Our use of gauged poles for better, more stable construction as well as highly weather-proofed flashings and fittings means a Shed4u pole- or kit shed is made to take these winds and more, while built-in purpose designed flexibility means our sheds ride out winds rather than fight them.

We also offer Windlock Roller Door systems, a heavy-duty guide and clip design that holds the door captive in high wind conditions, stopping blowouts and offer added security from break-ins.

Orchard Shed near Gisborne

Heavy snow loads

From up in the hilly country to almost down to sea level, you’re going to need a shed that shrugs off snow and keeps the contents safe and dry. We design just for this eventuality, using super-strong rafter system, including clearspans, that connect with wood to give you the strength of metal and the flexibility timber delivers.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your shed. We’ll have something that can cope – that for sure!

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