Often, people think a pole shed or timber frame kitset means a smaller, more compact shed. Because timber is a freely available, sustainable resource, but it does have height and span limits right?

Think again!

Our Stretch Series timber frame kitset sheds have clearspans of up to 16 metres, and can allow you to have bays of up to 12 metres wide. Ample room to store, move, repair, feed, milk, raise, sort or pack anything and everything!

How do we do it? Well, our innovative timber sheds are coupled with steel rafters to achieve the best of both worlds. See, while wood is an almost unrivalled vertical strength material it has limitations on its horizontal loading capabilities – whereas steel excels in this area. By combining the two you get the durability, ease, and practicality of wood while being able to achieve spans previously unseen in a timber frame shed.

And, before you ask, yes – they’re bird-proof too. To give you a better idea of what Stretch Sheds can offer your operation, we’ve chosen a few recent projects to show exactly what’s possible:

Cold Storage Canopy (Stretch Series)

This shed needed an obstruction-free space so trucks could gain access to the cold store situated at the rear. Whereas a traditional wooden shed would have needed central bracing poles, the combination of timber and steel in this design offers an unobstructed pathway to the cold store, with 7.5m bays as compared to the average maximum of 6m.

Stretch Series Canopy

This image clearly shows how wider purlins and clearspan beams at work, offering ample weather-safe storage too, with ample space to still get vehicles in and out.

The Tangihau Bull Arena

When you’re selling bulls you want them seen at their very best and Tangihau Stud turned to Sheds4U for just that. A big, comfortable open space with skylights and a fitted roller door.

Bull Arena on farm near Gisborne (Tangihau)

Notice how the wooden beams slot into brackets on the clearspans for added stability across the wider span.

Farm Machine Storage

Sometimes you just need a large empty space to park anything that needs shelter. From trucks or tractors, to implements and trailers, a farm has dozens of different pieces of expensive machinery that needs to be stored safely when not being used.

Farm Machinery Storage Shed

This large span shed offers flexibility like no other, and the wide open bays show how keeping things simple is sometimes the best answer! It also features a 2m overhang with no supports – even more unobstructed space to use.

4600m2 Feed Pad

Sometimes you need a shed that’s just too big for traditional timber framing, like this one-acre plus goat feed pad built to capitalize on the rush to get into the goat milk market. Big and spacious enough for all the goats and the machinery needed to do the job properly!


Notice how the massive clearspan beams allow ample space and headroom.

Start your Stretch Shed journey today using the free Sheds4U design tool on this site, or call team to find out more about how our innovative steel and timber structures can answer your needs.

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