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If you Google kit shed suppliers NZ, the result is quite something: roughly 7,000,000 results in less than half a second.

So how do you choose which company to go with? The first few results you see are often paid for ads anyway.

For a start, reviews are a good way to find out if a business is credible, has experience and will deliver what you’re after, and most established businesses will have a Google listing that will has numerous reviews to showcase the experience others have had with that company — both ups and downs. While reviews and testimonials from customers are helpful and reassuring, nothing beats doing your own research, thinking long and hard about the design you’re after and what the shed will be used for, and above all, trying to take price out of the equation. It is both common and easy to focus on the cheapest option, but cheapest doesn’t mean you’re buying the best; in fact it often means the reverse!

Asking a few (or all!) of these questions may help you come to a final decision:

What materials do they use: 

What is the quality of their materials like? What is most durable? Is the timber wet? Is the cladding quality suitable for my location? How thick is the steel? What are the guarantees on the materials? Do they use Machine Gauged or Rough Sawn Timber?

Engineering & design:

Will my shed be designed specifically for me and my needs? Will it take into account snow and wind loadings? Will it be able to support the weight of extras, like solar panels? Is the shed design suitable for my intended use? Can I make it birdproof? How long will my shed last? Is rust going to be an issue? Who supplies doors and windows? Can I get solar panels and water storage at the same time?

What are they like to deal with? 

What is the communication of the company like? How fast do they respond? How long does it take to get quotes and other information? Is the salesperson knowledgeable and open to listening to what I am after, or just trying to upsell me all the time?

The way you’re looked after is a key indicator of the company’s competence. If communication is bad and they take ages getting information back to you, and no or little interest is shown in your project in the initial research and design phase, how will the delivery (and possibly construction)  of your shed go?

There are some well-known kitset shed providers in New Zealand. A few are listed below, and all quotes are straight off their websites.


“Design and build the farm or lifestyle block shed that suits your needs with ITM. We can help you design your ideal shed for farm equipment, the boat, caravan, or bulk storage, then supply the materials to bring it all together.”

Materials used: All timber.


“GreenWood has sold thousands (literally) of farm sheds and wool sheds NZ-wide from several distribution centres located throughout New Zealand. The location of our distribution centres and highly efficient & effective supplier networks enable us to service all corners of the country swiftly and very competitively.”

Materials used: All timber.


“Totalspan are New Zealand’s leading steel building specialists. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, affordable sheds, garages and carports that not only look great but also stand the test of time.”

Materials used: Cold-rolled steel.


“A KiwiSpan shed is one that will last a lifetime. We’re backed by experienced teams across NZ, innovative technology and the best steel products in the country. With KiwiSpan, you’re guaranteed a shed that you’ll be proud to call your own.”

Materials used: Cold-rolled steel.


“Here at Coresteel Buildings, we specialise in commercial and industrial steel building construction across New Zealand. We are known for delivering unique design and build solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of diverse clients and sectors.”

Materials used: Cold-rolled and structural steel.


“Alpine Buildings is owned & operated within New Zealand, supplying the fastest and easiest to install kitset sheds on the market. We are a family owned business, with the founding director having more than 45 years of practical experience.”

Materials used: Timber and structural steel.


We have over 20 years’ experience in supplying kit sheds all over New Zealand – in fact you’ll struggle to find a corner of our lovely little country that hasn’t got one of our sheds in it! Everything we sell is fully engineered, and you can customize to meet your needs, from colour through to windows, skylights and doors, water storage and much more.

We don’t only sell kit sheds – talk to us about retaining walls, animal shelters and farm bridges too – all fully engineered and sent with plans. Builders love our kits because they’re easy to assemble, fit together just right, and made to last for 50 years! And when it comes to outsourcing for products, we only use products Kiwis already trust and love – Colorsteel and Dominator doors as great examples.

Sheds4U is owned by a bloke who spent 10 years on the tools, so that knowledge and experience is baked into every design.

Materials used: Timber, Timber and steel, light-duty steel, heavy-duty steel.

Well, after all that, who is the best fit for MY PROJECT?

As you’ll see by now, that answer depends on your shed size, particular design requirements, how long you want it to last, and how much you have in your budget. Should the size or the design you require be too far outside the normal capabilities of other shed companies, we’re the guys who’ll sit down and chat about anything and everything with you until a solution is found.

One thing is for certain though – if you’re after a shed and you don’t speak to Sheds4U, you haven’t done your homework properly.

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