Storage Sheds

Looking for a shed to store anything?

You’ve come to the right place!

We have a full range of sheds and storage barns to answer your every need. Got a boat? We have a shed for it. Got a plane? We have a shed for that too. Heavy machinery, farm equipment, expensive tools, a collection of cars, bicycles, motorbikes, caravans; anything at all you’d much rather keep safe under lock and key? We have sheds and barns for all that and more.

In fact, our range of fully engineered sheds and barns is so highly customisable that you can pretty much purpose design your shed to get exactly what you want. More flooring area? No sweat. More headroom clearance? Not a problem? Fewer poles so you can manoeuvre the big stuff? Got you covered too.

On top of that our 16m clearspans let you create bays of up to a spacious 12 metres, maximising space to make it perfect for large machinery, as well as people who build sheds to rent out storage space as a business.

If it’s even more space you’re after, just get in touch with one of experienced consultants today: our crossbeam process allows you to go up to 32m-plus, meaning we can design and deliver you a seriously spacious shed!

We offer you three ways options when it comes to building too:

  • A combo wood and steel frame.
  • A light-duty steel frame.
  • Heavy-duty steel frames.

If you want to get into the renting out of storage space business, talk to us now! We can design your shed in sections, make it super-secure for you, get the door or doors as big as you need them, and more.

With all our sheds and barns you get to choose any COLORSTEEL® shade you like; their corrugated steel cladding gives your garage, sleepout, carport or boat shed a timeless appeal. We’ve teamed up with NZ’s favourite steel because beyond being available in a stunning array of 15+ colours, it offers design flexibility, strength and durability to your roof and external cladding. Then add windows, doors, gutters, interior cladding, lighting – whatever you want to get your shed, your way!

And when we say tough, we mean it – every shed is designed to withstand the worst the weather can throw at it and comes with a 50-year durability warrantee.

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