Only the best quality Gauged timber used.

Why we use gauged timber!

As far as we know, we’re the only kitset shed company in New Zealand that uses gauged timber as standard.

For a start, it gives you a much nicer, tidier internal finish. Every bit as importantly, your builder will love using it and – we’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – a happy builder means a better shed, every time!

A better finish, an easier job, a happier builder = a better shed!

There are fewer splinters for your builder to worry about, a much better finish if internal lining of your shed is needed and, because the timber size is so much more even, the job goes faster and more smoothly.

A much tidier internal finish, easier to insulate and nicer to be in!

Our option of lathed poles also offers you many advantages. These poles start out

life the same as our regular high density poles, but after the log is peeled, the pole is processed to a consistent uniform diameter finish.

Because each pole can be machined identically, machine rounds are ideal for use in rural fencing, bollards and post applications, and are especially fantastic for use in construction where each pole is required to be identical. It also allows the use of

*one size fits all” pole fastenings that could not be used with regular SED poles.

Machine rounds wooden poles provide better looking alternative to regular poles, are extremely useful in construction and ultimately allow us to create innovative products that would be impossible with regular SED Timber poles.

Other advantages include:

  • Fast turn around
  • 50 Year treatment guarantee
  • Large diameter machine rounds, no problem!
  • Custom shaping and pre-fabrication
  • Clear treatment options for interior use
  • Plastic coated options for extreme durability and strength
  • Again, a much tidier finish
  • Girts fit nicely to poles, because they’re much easier to cut in and lead to a tidier fit
  • Easier to level up
  • Not that much more expensive and well worth it!
  • Easier to build with, so builders love them. And as always – a happy builder means a better shed!

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