Managing your shed’s arrival

One of the many things we’re renowned for at Sheds4U is managing the arrival of your Sheds4U pole shed kitset as and when it suits your schedule.

You get what you want when you want it, rather than just one big delivery that sits around getting pounded by the elements until you or your builder needs those components; poles when you’re building the frame, roof when you’re ready, finishing touches when you’re about to finish or, of course, all at once if that’s how you want it.

Glowing testimonials from customers tell us that this is the way a lot of people prefer to work.

Nothing has changed – we still take care of all of that for you. It’s just that these days – no surprises – things might take a bit longer.

We still sell and send out our famously well designed sheds and kits every day

to Kiwis just like you.

And your Sheds4U contact person will manage that too – and keep you informed every step of the way about shortages, delivery times, and exactly when you can expect what. We’re keeping a VERY watchful eye on every component needed for every shed – timber, poles, cladding, joinery and fixtures are all on our radar, all the time.

If there are hold-ups, we’ll let you know. If there are shortages, likewise. And, when your shed is on the way – and it will be – we’ll let you know about that too.

That’s why, every day, Kiwis just like you come to Sheds4U for their sheds and kitsets.

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