Not a single repair since Cyclone Gabrielle

The costliest tropical cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere, Cyclone Gabrielle left a path of destruction across Tairawhiti, Hawkes Bay and Bay of Plenty. It had some pretty impressive figures: winds of up to 165k/ph. rainfall of up to 320mm in 24 hours in some areas, billions in damage.

As chance would have it, no damage to any of our sheds or structures: in some of the worst weather imaginable, to the best of our knowledge, throughout the area Gabrielle wreaked havoc on, not a roof, roller door, window or beam failed on a single Sheds4U unit. We’ve yet to get a single call or email telling us something needs to be repaired.

Or is it just chance? We’d like to think it’s a little bit more than that.

Every shed, every structure, is designed by Sheds4U to take the worst the East Coast can throw at it which, as it turned out between February 12- 16 2023, is quite a bit.

For a start, our decades in the shed game has taught us that timber pole sheds are the best option for New Zealand’s unique environment. Timber pole sheds are more rigid and structurally sound, extending several metres into the ground. Cheaper and stronger than steel, the timber pole frame creates a cantilever effect giving you extra strength in wild weather. Timber also offers better noise reduction, is more environmentally friendly, and is safer to work with when it comes to wiring and internal fitout. How sure are we about this? The 50 year durability warrantee is a good indication…

The NZ-made coloursteel and roller doors we use are every bit as tough and durable, while our rafter and purloins systems lock tight, staying rigid and stable for decades. Tight-fitting rooves, gutters and windows are part of our design features too, so you can rest assured that when we say waterproof, we mean it; that when we say built for high winds, we more than mean it, and that when we say 25 year guarantee, you can take our word for it.

Or, as our clients Trina and Howard put it, “How did you fare with the cyclone? I hope you and yours are all safe and well. Our shed stood up to the winds beautifully and also the earthquake we had in January 2023. It’s has all the relevant tests from Mother Nature and passed with flying colours!”

A lot of shed suppliers talk tough; Sheds4U designs tough and specs tough. So it shouldn’t be a tough choice on deciding which shed company to go with.

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