Unique to Sheds4U, the Ranch Cabin has been one of our most popular models over the years. They’ve been built all over New Zealand, from the Cape to the Bluff, including Great Barrier Island and the Chattem Islands – we even sold some to Japan!

Based on the shape of the villas originally built in 1800s New Zealand, this shed is super-popular as an easy on the eye storage option for all sorts of things; cars, trucks, jet skis, helicopters and a whole lot more!

The Ranch Cabin is so versatile, perfect as a garage, storage shed for big boy’s toys, or as a dwelling. In fact, a lot of the Ranch Cabins we’ve designed and sold have been for use as part-storage shed / part-dwelling, and there is even enough space to include a loft for storage or more sleeping space if you need it. It really is an adaptable kit!

As there’s a really big design difference between a dwelling and a shed, as well as other requirements, if you are interested in building a Ranch Cabin our team need to be aware of the final use of the building right from the start of the process, to ensure that your quotation is accurate and that there are no surprises further along the path of construction, pricing or design.

The Ranch Cabin features include:

  • An engineer designed full set of plans
  • Weatherproof aluminium joinery
  • Ceiling Batons if required
  • Internal frames if required
  • Various cladding options with in any shade of Coloursteel that takes your fancy
  • Please note that unless specified, the Ranch Cabin kit is shell only

Let’s start talking about your Ranch Cabin today. Give us a call now!

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