Sheds4U Water Tanks

Sheds4U water tanks

One of the very easiest, most sensible ways to future-proof your shed is to fit water tanks while you’re having it built. After all – your shed roof is getting all that rain, and thanks to earthquake action or bad weather (and sometimes both!), water can often be in short supply.

To help with this, just like we’ve done with garage doors, steel suppliers and other businesses we work with, we’ve partnered with a company that, like us, has a proven track record in the market: Devan Tanks. We chose to go with Devan because they offer a no-nonsense 20 year warranty on all their domestic use water tanks. Devan tanks are manufactured to the highest standards utilising advanced technology and production procedures along with an intensive quality assurance process.

The tank of your choosing will be delivered to site, just like the rest of the kit, so there’s no waiting and you can plan properly as to where exactly you want them.

With slim line models available from 1000 to 5000 litres, these tanks offer ample storage without taking up massive space. There are heaps of other options available too, so get in touch today and let’s talk about your new shed and how to future-proof it!

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